The DiskCover® System Clean Cassette®

    • The DiskCover® System Clean Cassette® (Pack of 1)
    • Designed to work exclusively, through built-in electronic authentication, with The DiskCover System Dispenser (sold separately)
    • Easy “drop-in” design requires no training. Simply place a new Clean Cassette® into The DiskCover System Dispenser housing – a one-way fit makes the process simple. Close the Dispenser lid and The DiskCover System is immediately ready to begin applying individual aseptic disk covers.
    • The Clean Cassette® is manufactured and sealed in strict aseptic conditions to ensure contaminant-free dispensing of individual disk covers at the point care.
    • Each individually packaged Clean Cassette® weighs 1.32 lbs., measures 4.96” x 7.13” x 4.20” and contains 420 single-use aseptic stethoscope disk covers.
    • Individual disk covers are made of medical-grade materials (latex free), have been carefully designed to prevent interference with acoustics, feature a finger tab for easy removal and disposal, and leave no residue on the stethoscope diaphragm when removed.
    • Includes: 1 The DiskCover System Clean Cassette® from AseptiScope®.